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key storage hitch vault

Custom Limited Run Powder Coating Available

We now offer limited runs of powder coated Vaults. Powder coating is very durable and is applied by electrostatic spray transfer and then cured by high heat. Over 6000 colours available! 

Hide a truck key

Recently at SEMA 2019!

Black Bison Welding featured a couple Vaults in his custom welding deck made by Stryker Manufacturing in Edmonton, Alberta! 

Never get locked out of your vehicle again!!

When you have a Hitch Vault you can stop worrying about losing your keys and focus on having fun! 

- Leave it in the receiver or put it in when you need it.

- Faster and cheaper than waiting for a tow truck.

- Always have a spare key secure at your vehicle.

- Water Resistant and RFID signal blocking. 

- Leave your vehicle somewhere and anyone with the combo can pick it up at a later date.

- A place to store your keys when there’s nowhere to leave them. 

- The vault will never come loose or fall out, unlike magnetic boxes.

- Vault dimensions are 2” x 2” X 6 3/4”.

Hitch sage key storage

Leave your keys at the truck while sledding!

Made in Alberta, Canada!

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